HEXIS R&D is proud to present a New generation of PPF “The X technology”

The X technology is phenomenal and revolutionary with technical specifications that make BODYFENCE X, BODYFENCE P and BFBLACK even more powerful and durable.The Bodyfence X has an incredible capacity for instant self-healing, increased resistance to oil stains, improved hydrophobicity, a high gloss finish, as well as high durability.


Specially designed for vehicle customization and decoration, HEXIS offers a range of more than 225 colors and finishes: Matt, Glossy, Chrome, Satin, Carbon, Alligator, Brushed Aluminum…


INNOVATIVE ACCESS TRADING offers you the possibility of communicating on your walls. Deploy your signage with HEXIS adhesive films. Thanks to Total Covering Digital Printing , wrap your vehicle in your colors. Make your floor signage, event signage and much more with Signage & Decoration Printing . With Ecotac & Suptac signage cutting vinyls, carve your lettering. A wide choice to satisfy your request.


Film containing antimicrobial agents*, coated with an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. Intended for the antimicrobial protection of surfaces in places requiring a high degree of hygiene (public places, food industry, wet rooms, hospitals, etc.).

*Coronavirus tested.


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